In times like these, it’s good to reflect on happier days. Let RICEWINE’s QUARANZINE photo diary and new album Lovesick do that for you. 

Who is RICEWINE you may ask? He is the solo endeavor of Thai-Australian 20-year-old Talae Rodden. The Melbourne-based artist straddles the sonic contours of introspective indie-pop, dreamy hip-hop, and poetic rap along with a wealth of samples. RICEWINE exudes originality by crafting a resonance unrestrained by genre and focused more on feelings than sonic borders. Rodden grew up in a small country town outside of Melbourne, but often traveled to Thailand to visit family. Frequently feeling like a stranger in his own hometown, Rodden used this sense of isolation as a creative fuel to generate music.

When we asked what he’d like to share for his QUARANZINE entry he knew exactly what to submit! There is no doubt in our minds that for those of us staying home and safely self-quarantining, there are so many other places we would much rather be. Thanks to RICEWINE’s generosity, we can now safely express our wanderlust and explore a place we’ve never been before.

Here are scenes from last year with shots from Kyoto to hiking in Wilsons Promontory National Park in his native Melbourne, Australia. RICEWINE‘s music is inspired by movement, and while we’re all safely quarantining from home, he thought a look back at some photos from his travels would be a nice virtual escape for us all to enjoy together

You can check out his new album Lovesick out now! You can also listen to the title track below.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RICEWINEmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rice.wine

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RICEWINE

Website: https://www.ricewine.live

photo by: Sophie Claire Gollant