We’ve still been obsessing over Nightly’s “the movies (ft. Charli Adams)” so we decided to check in on the Nashville trio to see how they’ve been while in quarantine, for QUARANZINE!

We got the chance to catch up with Jonathan from Nightly about their time spent inside. Here’s what he had to say!

“hi! so we just put out a song called ‘the movies’ with our friend charli adams and I thought I’d show you some of the process. it’s crazy because the process started before quarantine, and ended during, so it straddled the lockdown. we were in a studio downtown nashville in early march and that’s where this picture is from.”

“a few days into our time downtown the studio was shut down because of the virus. we spent the next few weeks working in our guitarist joey’s basement. that’s where this picture is from.”
“this is joey’s dog carl”

“it’s been a bit of an adjustment, but we’re fortunate to just be able to focus making a TON of music.”

“since we were quarantined, we weren’t able to shoot a video for the song with charli, so we just shot ourselves on our phones separately singing and made a makeshift acoustic video”

“for the playlist I decided to use our pre show playlist from our last headline tour because i miss it.”

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