QUARANZINE: Kyd the Band
Kid the Band

From recording, reading, and spending time outdoors, Kyd the Band shares his experience at home for QUARANZINE!

The music of Nashville-based artist Kyd the Band,  AKA Devin Guisande, is an ideal soundtrack to finding your place in the current chaos the world has to offer. With his warm and powerful vocal presence, the Northern California-bred musician elevates every song with his unpredictable sonic palette and fearlessly honest storytelling. Along with showcasing his incredible songwriting skills, a gift he’s revealed in penning tracks for artists as eclectic as hip-hop legends Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and German DJ Robin Schulz, Kyd the Band’s music radiates a hard-won positivity that inspires anyone to live more boldly.

Along with the announcement of his EP Season 2: Character Development, Kyd the Band dropped the final single,  Heartbreak Anthem” with gnash, off the EP! We got the chance to talk with Devin about he’s been spending his time in quarantine. Check out his entry below!

“The majority of my time during this quarantine period has looked like this, me in my closet recording vocals. You can’t see it, but behind the microphone to the right I hung up a mattress sheet to try and create some sort of sound treatment. This isn’t the most glamorous way to record, but it works and it always reminds me that I don’t really need a big studio or lots of equipment to make music I love. Plus there’s also something that can really help creatively when you’re forced to be uncomfortable. I actually did my song “Easy”  like this! Sometimes I get real crazy and move the entire setup out to the living room. I learned a couple years ago that I prefer to be in rooms that feel open when I’m in the writing process of a song, because it literally makes my creativity feel open and it also makes me think my vocabulary is broader. That probably sounds weird, but I think it’s true. And I have a lot of windows in my living room so that helps even more.”

“After the CDC announced that they recommend wearing face coverings in public I had an idea to have some cloth masks made. And more than just sell them, I wanted to find a way to provide masks for those who maybe aren’t able to buy them and enlist my following to be a part of it too. One of my favorite non-profits is a group in Nashville called People Loving Nashville. Every single week (rain or shine or snow or holiday) they provide meals, clothing and community to those experiencing homelessness in downtown Nashville. They so graciously provided an avenue for my following and I to provide masks to the people they work with, and so far we’ve been able to donate 120 masks.”

“Obviously barbershops and salons are closed, and so I’ve done what I have to do to get by. I went to Walgreens and bought a L’oreal hair coloring kit that was supposed to make my hair “ABSOLUTE PLATINUM”. It didn’t. My hair is most definitely, absolutely tiger colored. Absolute caramel at best.”

“If I were to ever get into books and reading, I feel like this is the time I should try to do it. Stephen King is one of the greatest storytellers alive in my opinion, so I picked up his book “The Institute” and have really liked it. It kind of feels like this darker, edgier X-Men type of story. “

“Any other time before this I feel like it would be a really unimportant realization, but I am extremely thankful for days that are nice enough to be outside in. Especially when I’m spending days upon days in a small closet.”

“Out of boredom and curiosity I started to look through my songs to see which song had a part that’s 20 seconds, because I needed a point of reference for washing my hands the appropriate length. Just counting to 20 started to get old real quick. I was pleased to discover that verse 1 of “American Dreamer” is actually 20 seconds, and that is now my handwashing timer.”

You can listen to Kyd the Band’s new song “Heartbreak Anthem” with gnash, out now. Check it out down below and let us know what you think!

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