QUARANZINE: Judah & the Lion

Judah Akers, Nate Zuercher and Brian Macdonald have a folk-rock sound complete with upbeat guitars, heavy drums and occasional banjo strumming that put them into a vibe of their own.

The Nashville trio have risen on the alternative charts with 2020 single “Beautiful Anyway,” a hopeful track that feels like a brazen pep talk on mental health from a supportive friend. “Beautiful Anyway” was released as a follow-up single to their 2019 album Pep Talks.

As the country continues its various stages of quarantining, Judah & the Lion caught up with COLLiDE to reminisce on their 2019 Pep Talks Worldwide Tour, sharing photos and memories for those of us patiently waiting to get back on the barricade.

“Outfits lined up before the show. They may have looked good on stage, but they smelled very bad. Especially when we didn’t have a place to do laundry.”


“Adam, our tour manager and forever Dad helps Judah tape his pack on before the show. If it was a good show, that means the pack eventually came off.”



“Excited, nervous, and soaking it in . . .standing in the seats at Red Rocks hours before our first headlining performance.”


“Nate addressing the crowd and Red Rocks while sharing a moment with his dad on stage. Nate’s dad has played trumpet with us on stage and in the studio.”


“On our off day in Moab, Nate decided to buy all of us a speedboat ride on the Colorado River. It was extremely cold and felt like a roller coaster. Would highly recommend.”


“Brian crowdsurfing in his hometown of Chicago. ”


“Hanging out in the green room in Nashville with a very special visit from Joshy, the dog.”


“When there are bad storms and the power is out, you put up a little tent and play the show anyways! Love you Birmingham <3”


“These boys pranked us good. On our last show in Atlanta, during the acoustic portion, Dylan, Troy, and Garrett, came back on stage and acted like us.”


“From our last official show of the tour, in ATL. Happy and sad, the picture tells all the emotion :)”


Listen to Judah & the Lion below:


Check out the “Beautiful Anyway” video:





All photos courtesy of Judah & the Lion.