QUARANZINE: Emergency Tiara

I have been quarantining since March 13th and have been watching at least a movie a day, and some days I watch 3 or 4 so I am so excited to be able to share what I have watched!!! My beautiful husband is a very talented filmmaker/director and has made all of the Emergency Tiara official music videos.  So naturally, movies are huge part of my life! It has been an absolute joy to simply enjoy watching movies as well as learning some technical things from my hubby and watching from that angle. Anyway, I hope you find some movies you enjoy from my list too!!!

Punch Drunk Love

I absolutely adore this movie! I have watched this film so many times so this time was a rewatch cause we were having “Paul Thomas Anderson” movie week! I am sucker of “A little odd” love stories like “Harold and Maude” “Royal Tenenbaums” and “Amelie”. So this movie is just spot on! Especially (Spoiler alert!) once Barry (Adam Sandler) arrives in Hawaii and Jon Brion version of “He needs me” plays, it is just too cute and too delightful not to smile ear to ear!! If you are looking for something to warm up your heart a little, I highly recommend this!  And speaking of PTA movies, “Boogie nights” is def close second for me!

Mad Max: Fury Road

After I watched this movie for the first time, I had a serious FOMO moment to realize what I had had been missing out my whole life! (Well, I guess only since 2015 but still!) I have never seen anything like this! So stylish, so exciting, so one of a kind! I also read some articles about how this movie had been brought to life after so many years of delay and its intense filming took 6 months + some follow up shoots in desert… I have so much respect to everyone who dedicated their lives to make this legendary movie and so grateful that now it’s available for all of us to enjoy it!!!!! V8! V8!

Austin Powers 1, 2 and 3

So many people have told me that Emergency Tiara reminds them of Austin Powers and funnily enough, I had never seen the movie until a few weeks ago and damn! They are so right! 60s, colorful and goofy. Some jokes are a bit too gross for my taste but Austin is so charming and the fashion is on fire!!! Since I watched it for the first time, I have been playing the movie on mute when I am doing some house errands for my eye candy! Oh, and my favorite character is Mini Me <3

Vision Quest 

This is the most recent movie I watched and it quickly became one of my most favorite movies of all time! This delightful story evolves around the adorable lead role Louden who is one of the best wrestlers of the high school wrestling team. No one in the movie seems to hold any grudge so the movie stays super tender and light and makes it super joyful to watch! and one of the best things about this movie is Madonna!!!!! Baby Madonna performs “Crazy For You” and “Gambler” in the movie and she is just beyond charming and charismatic that my eyes were instantly glued to her!! The director of the film also made the music videos of those two Madonna songs and you know, those videos are also amazinggggg!

Strictly Ballroom 

The last one for this quarantine movie list is this super cute romcom “Strictly Ballroom” from an Australian director Bar Luhrmann, who also made “Romeo + Juliet” “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby” so as you can imagine, it’s colorful and stylish!!! This movie portrait the message that ET also tries to bring to the world through music. “You are the most beautiful version of you when you are being your true self”!!!! The lead role Scott struggles through out his dance career because the ballroom dance society expects him to do what everyone else is doing and I can so relate! When I was growing up in Japan, the best thing to do was not to stand out and try to blend in so my natural self which is with a pink buzzed hair, love to curse and dress whatever the way I like definitely were not what was called “proper”. I don’t wanna spoil the story too much here cause I would love you to watch it and be happy! This movie sure will make you smile and leave your heart warm and sweet!!!