QUARANZINE: Destroy Boys
Destroy Boys

Have you been feeling trapped lately? It’s been more literal than mental these days. San Francisco Bay trio Destroy Boys’ latest release “Honey I’m Home” expresses the same feelings we’re all probably feeling right now. 

Led by singer Alexia Roditis’ sarcastic and wistful singing and Vi Mayugba’s shredding guitar, held down by Narsai Malik on drums, they pay homage to and represent an evolution of all things classically punk making music that is a searing reminder of how recklessly expressive punk rock was designed to be. While “Honey I’m Home” deals with feeling mentally trapped, the world currently finds itself in a similar situation with the spread of COVID. We asked Destroy Boys about their time in quarantine and how current events have impacted their creative processes for QUARANZINE. Here’s what guitarist Violet Mayugba had to say about her time in quarantine!

“Quarantine is really odd. I have more free time then I’ve ever had since I was a young kid. On my days that I feel I can muster up being “productive”, I’ve been using my time making demos to trade back and forth with the band.”

“This is me in my quarantine demo clothes – not very fashion-y, but hella comfy for sitting on the floor staring at a laptop for three hours. ”

“This is my demo setup. I have a loft bed, which is super convenient, because I can literally go to sleep as soon as I’m over a song. I have all my guitars, a bass, and a keyboard. My setup is literally Mac GarageBand. I know tons of musicians who swear by Ableton and Logic, but I can’t seem to justify an expensive purchase to myself for just getting simple song ideas out.

Demoing will usually start with me tracking a basic guitar line, then adding a lead, bass, and some programmed drums. Then I’ll send it off to the band, who will add adjustments accordingly. It’s nothing like rehearsing in a real room, but for now, it’s what I can do. ”

“I’ve also been passing the time with cooking. I made some upgraded ramen (added spinach, tofu, chili paste, and a six minute egg) and ate it on my porch the other day. I’m quarantined with our drummer, Narsai, so I’ve been trying out tons of new recipes on him. He doesn’t seem to mind.

Last thing I’ve been fairly obsessed with during this quarantine is nostalgia. It feels like an important time to reflect on things, especially since there isn’t anything else to do. I’ve been super into digging up old 2000’s pop that I listened to in elementary school. I attached the playlist for anyone who might be chasing the high of remembering grade school.”

You can listen to their new song “Honey I’m Home“, out now! Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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photo by: Kai Mosley