QUARANZINE: contradash

Recent Interscope signee contradash seamlessly blends emo, pop and hip-hop genres into a distinctly Gen Z sound—receiving praise from the likes of FLAUNTAltPress and Billboard with only three singles released thus far.

Thanks to internet friendships with artists like Dominic Fike, contradash is already gaining notoriety at just 22 years old. His music effortlessly captures different genres together with a West Coast rap-informed sound to create a something perfect for Gen Z listeners.

Before releasing his own music, contradash built a reputation for his cover art designs, having created commissioned work for rappers like Tyga, Ski Mask the Slump God and Desiigner. COLLiDE caught up with contradash earlier this year to talk about his emerging career and upcoming plans.

Read below to learn more:

Who are some of your musical inspirations? How does their inspiration manifest when creating your own tracks?

I grew up on Lil Romeo, Lady Gaga, and Soulja Boy top 4 at the moment. When I’m making a song, I really just close my eyes and think, “What would Lil Romeo do?”

How did it feel when you were signed to Interscope Records? Can you take COLLiDE readers into your head during that process?

Being heard was a good feeling, I had never really felt before. I was confident in everything I had created, but that was a huge reassurance that I was on the right path collectively.

I really felt one step closer to a Lil B feature with that one. That’s the end goal here, then I can retire.

Do you think that the way technology has become more accessible and more specific in terms of what kinds of programs are readily available has had an influence on your career?

Definitely. YouTube is literally the only education tool you’ll ever need for stuff this universal. You can look up anything to do, in whatever way you want to do it, and build a toolset out of those things catered to you. It’s unbelievable.

What advice do you have for other early-20s artists who are trying to break into their own respective fields?

Never Stop. Never Compete. Run. Forever. Oh, and use YouTube tutorials.


I thought it was funny how you mentioned in an email that you had an iPod shuffle that “looked like a Juul.” What are some of the songs that were on there that you still listen to now? (For me, I had a lot of Jason Derulo on my iPod nano that I still will jam out to in the car.)

I definitely still listen to all the old New Boys stuff, T-Pain, Wayne, and Gaga. That iPod is still full of those artists.

Looking ahead, what can we expect from you in 2021?

More Running. More Videos. More music of course, and hopefully shows if stuff opens up.

I might do a cooking show on how to cook stir fry because people really somehow manage to fuck that up. It’s saddening.





Photos courtesy of contradash.