Landon Fleischman, better known by stage name Boy Willows, has seen ups and downs in his mental health throughout the past six months.

Out of that headspace comes the single “Fila.” The track works almost as a conversation between friends, both funny in moments and serious in others. Witty lyrics blend with drum machines, creating a relaxing indie soundscape. The sound reflects the emotional space that friends create for each other, showing the personal side of the song.

“It may not sound like it on the surface, but ‘Fila’ is emotionally raw,” Fleischman said. “I like wrapping these vulnerable and sometimes ugly thoughts into a sonically pretty package—something in me loves the juxtaposition of the heaviness of what I’m saying and the dreamy calmness of how I’m saying it.”

“The irony is the pandemic kind of birthed this song and yet also took away my job which is how I met Dylan in the first place. So obviously f*** this pandemic BUT the isolation has given me the space to explore a more straight forward and honest side of myself and my music.”

“Fila” features a verse from Dylan Minnette, of the trio Wallows. Regarding the song, Minnette shared, “Landon first played me the song when we were sharing a tour bus together. It was only about 30 seconds long at the time and I immediately was so inspired by it and I told him I thought he should extend it because it’s so great. He asked me if I wanted to throw on a verse myself and my little warm heart exploded. The melodies I wanted came to me immediately. I also wanted them to pretty much mimic what he was already singing on his part already too with some of it. I’m so proud of the final result.”

“Fila” is available on all streaming platforms. Check out the video for “Fila” below:





Photo by: Seannie Bryan