baby fuzz

When the quarantine started, my day to day routine was sadly not affected at all. I was halfway through making an album, so being locked in a dark room all day with no outside interaction was pretty much par for the course. A sadistic part of me was actually relieved that I wouldn’t feel guilty for not being socially active or taking advantage of nice weather, because it was not even a possibility. From March-May my daily routine consisted of going to my little recording room in Los Angeles, working all day by myself (with hecka video game breaks), and ordering a massive vegan delivery meal every night. Maybe I was eating away the pain, but I almost assuredly kept every vegan restaurant in East LA in business single-handedly for the entirety of the pandemic with my uncontrollable gluttony. Here’s a picture of a rad vegan pizza I ate from Sage with a silly tribal gamer mouse in the background. 

Somehow, I managed to shoot a music video in late May. My buddy Nesto was able to put together a really tiny crew with responsible mask protocols, and we shot out in the desert with the coyotes and lizards. On the way to the location, both of our vehicles got stuck in the sand and we had to get pulled out by some locals (shoutout to the men at Rescue 24/7 Towing in Corona). For a moment, I thought I would die in my tour van and get eaten by vultures. No regrets.


Luckily, it was not to be, and thanks to an amazing crew, we shot a music video and safely made it out of the Mojave Desert. Here are some production stills we took.

In June, the desire to return to nature set in. My album is environmentally themed, so I decided to drive up the coast with my girlfriend and get a cabin in Northern Cali for the summer to finish up some songs. Along the way we passed through SF and snapped a pic by the Golden Gate Bridge with her cute as heck pomeranian Niko.

My sister had the coronavirus earlier in the year, so I still feel quite uneasy about going into public much. So for that reason, we’ve been spending a lot of time in nature up here. I’m learning to spot whales, enjoying some great hikes, and just trying to calm my anxiety with seals, slugs, walruses, and trees. It’s working pretty well. It’s less about detaching and more about self-care I think for me this summer. For sensitive people, these last few months have been a lot to handle, so it’s important to make time to reconnect with yourself and nature.

Check out the lyric video for the new track “Weekend Blues” below and let us know what you think!




photo by: Parker Day