Q&A: Laucan’s Debut Album ‘FramesPerSecond’ Out Today

Laurence Galpin, the man who is Laucan (pronounced Lor-can), is making a splash today with the release of his debut album, FramesPerSecond. Laucan was born out of a break up of his old band that left him trying to branch out on his own, he started by singing falsetto and it worked. There is a certain mystery to Laucan and it bleeds into his music. FramesPerSecond winds you through a cinematic build up and break down of emotions told in10 dreamy-folk tracks. Ultimately, the album is a slow burn that lures you with is pretty instrumentals and soft vocals.

COLLiDE Highlights
“Up Tomorrow”
“Miss Mistiness”

FramesPerSecond is out today on Sunday’s Best. Purchase or stream here.  

We caught up with Laucan to talk about the album and other things. Check it out.

Snapchat or IG?
Instagram. I once had Snapchat, but couldn’t get my head around it. 

How do you travel on tour? ie. tour bus, van, plane ect.
I’ve been driving to shows. Unfortunately the car is in a pretty bad state, It’s been battered a few times and parts of it are literally gaffer taped on. One day I’d love to have a van, but that dream is a little way off.

What city has the best audience?
I played in Birmingham (UK) once and the people were so friendly towards us, that sticks out in my mind. We were walking about with our instruments before and people would just come up to us and ask us about our music, and share their thoughts. A fish monger in the market suggested we audition for X Factor.

If you could have a day off in any city, which city would you choose?
Vancouver is somewhere I’d love to go, one day wouldn’t be enough though. Im just thinking of holidays I’d like to go on now… Rio De Janeiro? Actually Tokyo would be the one.

How much of your new album was written on the road, if none where was it recorded?
We recorded in Brighton (UK), but I brought some recordings to the studio with me from London and elsewhere in Sussex. Some of it was written up on a Scottish island too, off the west coast.

Are there any cities that inspire you musically?
I’m really only starting to enjoy it a bit, but London has inspired me a great deal. Theres so much history and it’s a diverse and exciting city. Pretty much every night of the week there’s music worth getting out to see as well.

Best cup of coffee:
Undoubtedly The Waiting Room in Deptford. They’re great guys.

Favorite show drink:
I generally get stressed out and down a Gin & Tonic about 5 minutes before we go on stage. If I’m less stressed then a swampy bitter ale will do fine.

Favorite venue to see a show:
Anywhere thats close enough to my house that I can walk or cycle there! I’m in to unusual spaces too, I’ve seen amazing gigs in giant empty water tanks and derelict town houses. Although right now the Church Of Sound in East London is my probably my favourite place to go.

First concert (who and where): 
My mum and Dad took me and my sister to ‘Suffolk’n’good’ festival when I was 9. Although I mainly remember camping below a bees nest and the prickly ground underneath the tent, I did enjoy watching the Congolese singer Papa Wemba. Paul Brady and John Martyn were there too, who I came to love later on in life.

photo by: Matt Martin