Premiere: Mt. Wolf’s Lyric Video For “Heavenbound”

Bringing to mind the anthemic and forceful nature of tracks that bands like The National and White Lies dish out, London-based indie-rock band Mt. Wolf have similarly delivered epic vibes on their latest release “Heavenbound.” Vocals are deep and rich, and begin with quiet forms of instrumentation. With a simple, meek, and at times unaccompanied melody, the track’s emotional intensity is well-built when larger, atmospheric and filling elements, both analog and electronic are introduced and cranked up. The light and ethereal qualities of the harmonizing vocals bring a two-toned variety to the otherwise towering nature of the song. This seems to mirror the subject-matter, which deals with the finality, singularity, and obscurity of death.

After the band’s hiatus and uncertain future back in 2014, they were able to come back into the London music scene with a new album in the making. The track “Heavenbound” is a glimpse into this comeback and will be available on Mt. Wolf’s upcoming album Aetherlight out May 26 and available for pre-order.

Watch the lyric video for “Heavenbound” below.

photo by: Daniel Alexander Harris