Premiere: Little Coyote Is The ‘Medicine’ You Need

The bewitching Little Coyote beautifully weave together melodic, pop-folk melodies on their debut album The Trouble With Teeth, slated for release this fall.

Single “Medicine” is a glittering, synth track that ebbs and flows with soft vocals and pulsing percussion. Just like a heartbeat, there’s a driving reverberation that runs throughout the fervent track about being caught up inside your own head.

Says lead singer Teagan Johnston of the single, “Medicine…was written right after I moved, from Victoria, BC to Toronto and I was experiencing a lot of troubles with anxiety and anxiety attacks. I was 19 at the time and it felt like everywhere I looked everyone I knew was going through the same thing. It was like in a heartbeat all of us went from being kids to adults and simultaneously we realized how much harder it was going to be than we had expected.”

The Toronto three-piece has already appeared on Spotify’s “Indie All Stars” and “New Music Fridays” playlists for their intoxicating blend of genres and Johnston’s breathy, heady vocals.

Listen to “Medicine” now. Look for Little Coyote’s The Trouble With Teeth on October 13th via EggHunt Records.