PREMIERE: Yucky Poor releases music video for recent single “Ball N’ Chain”

Yucky Poor sings about wanting personal growth through a collection of hazy, mesmerizing  scenes.

Yucky Poor’s music video for “Ball N’ Chain” mixes scenes of trippy, black and white visuals overlayed with a cutout of his head and scenes of Poor literally dragging a ball and chain from one leg.

Born Jordan Abramowitz, the Miami-based artist makes music that is a beautiful mix of alt-pop lyrics and sounds with the aesthetics and production you might find on SoundCloud. This blend is refreshing and exciting to listen to.

Abramowitz shared that the song’s lyrics talk of moving on and going forward.

“The track is about seeing people you care about to leave your life, realizing codependence is unhealthy, accepting these changes and trekking forward regardless,” Yucky Poor said.

He’s not afraid to show his goofy side in the music video. It really shows that he’s working on himself and is not afraid to do his own thing. It’s an attitude that’s needed in 2021.


Watch the video for “Ball N’ Chain” now:


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