PREMIERE: Well Kept Releases Nostalgic Single “Red Light”

Based in Athens, Georgia, Well Kept combines modern indie rock with classic emo, making for a comforting sound reminiscent of early 2000s rock bands. Released on November 17, “Red Light” is the second of three singles to be released in 2020. The first single in the Trilogy, “Settling,” was released on October 27 and has already amassed nearly 30,000 streams.

Well Kept’s debut album In the Meantime (also released in 2020) was produced by frontman Tommy Trautwein, who is now continuing to work on the production and songwriting for their work-in-progress new record. When asked about the story behind “Red Light,” Tommy explains:

Red Light was written about the feeling of meaningful relationships withering away. This song lives in the conflicting space between desperately wanting to hold onto something or someone before coming to terms with the reality of how things need to end. The tune was birthed as a soft acoustic tune, but after listening to far too much Frightened Rabbit and LCD Soundsystem, the band brought it to its evolved state. This was one of our favorite songs to play live before the pandemic hit, and we tried our best to capture the raw energy that came from how we performed it on stage.

“Red Light” is a message — pleading for the revival of a relationship and hoping that its end isn’t real, even when it’s reached its natural, cyclical close. Although, taken literally, the song is a story about a breakup or a falling-out with someone, the song is more generally about a fear of change… something we can all relate to. When we’re driving down the road and we hit a red light, we are given a moment to pause — a moment to hold on and briefly stop moving. In the first chorus of the track, our protagonist hopes for red lights, but in the second, we learn that he missed his chance by running them.

Check out “Red Light” and be sure to look out for new upcoming tracks from Well Kept.




photo by: Promo photo - Jackson Smith, Artwork - Logan Pilcher