PREMIERE: Tyson Kelly shows off 80’s disco moves in “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again” video

Los Angeles-born, London-based musician Tyson Kelly drops his long-awaited new single “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again.”

The first song to bless our ears off of his upcoming EP Plastic Rockstar, Kelly sets the tone and pace for the rest of the 80’s inspired release, written to brighten our lives when we need it the most. The vintage-style visuals transport us to a different time, with Kelly dressed in a varsity jacket and an unbuttoned shirt. Giving his best Elvis impersonation, Kelly snaps his fingers and wiggles his hips, making it impossible to watch the video while sitting still. In two minutes and 41 seconds the singer doesn’t stop moving, but with a song like “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again”, there’s no wonder why.

Featuring vibrant soundscapes, lively instrumentation and Bowie style vocals, the artist has cleverly cooked up a sound which will keep you hooked all day long. Providing the most feel-good sonic escapism, the song captivates you from the very get go, bringing you back for more, again and again.

The story behind “Am I Ever Gonna See You Again” is very different to the feeling it emits. Kelly speaks about the disappointment of not knowing if you’ll ever see a crush again after having a brief fling with them. Kelly opens up, revealing “This track is about going out in the world and meeting someone you really connect with, spending time together and then having to leave for the next city and wondering if you’ll ever reconnect. In this case the song is written from the fan’s point of view.”

Stay tuned for Kelly’s upcoming EP – you’re gonna wanna hear it.

Check out the music video below: