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The New-Jersey trio follows up their sophomore album with a brand new video.


The Happy Fits are officially in full bloom.

Fresh off their sophomore full-length album What Could Be Better, the New Jersey indie-pop outfit has released a music video for “The Garden,” a semi-orchestral ode to imbalanced love. The video sees the trio set serenely at a flowing stream, taking in the scenery as the scars of yesterday continue to heal.

“The Garden” is an exploration of lead singer Calvin Langman’s distant and strained relationship with his father, characterized by a lack of love and care throughout Langman’s childhood. It wasn’t Langman who was on the receiving end of his father’s affection – instead, his attention was directed at the plot of land to which he tended obsessively.

“My father often spent more time outside caring for his plants than caring for his family,” Langman said. “It always confounded my how there could be such beautiful, bountiful life outside out house but not inside.”

Over a cello bassline from Langman and a plucky guitar from Ross Monteith, the lyrics look back at this garden, contrasting the outwardly flourishing greenery with Langman’s inwardly withering spirit. Though upbeat instrumentally, the track is thematically sullen and contemplative. “So if I lay down and let these roots grow ‘round, would it make me whole again?” it asks, and the sense of longing for a relationship that thrives as much as the garden out the window lingers.

Despite the more solemn subject matter, the accompanying video is a breath of fresh air. Langman, Monteith, and drummer Luke Davis are among the trees and greens for the duration, exploring the lush landscape of their surroundings with their guitar and cello in tow. Shot with a classic film filter, the video feels as bittersweet and nostalgic as the childhood Langman describes in his lyrics.

It’s this quirky, authentic charm that’s led to a loyal fanbase for The Happy Fits. At 43 million streams on Spotify and counting, the trio has steadily amassed a strong following over the course of their career, staring with 2016’s Awfully Apeelin’ EP and leading up to the release of their most recent record. Offering earnest lyricism paired with infectious soundscapes, along with visually engaging content to back it up, the trio has cemented themselves as bright spot on the indie pop radar.


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photo by: Rahil Ahsruff