PREMIERE: The Grahams drop title track “Kids Like Us”
The Grahams

Through writing about escapism, The Grahams realize they don’t need to fit into whatever genre is placed on them. Who the hell cares! Check out the title track off their third album Kids Like Us. 

With “Kids Like Us”, The Grahams created this beautifully warm narrative all the while still having a sense of urgency to escape all things that have scorned them throughout the song. If you don’t walk away feeling like you could do anything after your first listen, you truly weren’t listening. “Kids Like Us” gives us a taste of what to expect from an incredibly dynamic album. But what can we expect?

“The most obvious difference with this record was that we said, ‘Fuck the genre labels people want to put on us. We never felt they fit us anyway,” says Alyssa Graham. “We didn’t want to stay within any boundaries. We wanted to just let go and explore, and it made all the difference,” adds her husband, Doug Graham. “For the first time, there was no self-doubt, no self-loathing – just gratitude, bliss, and a complete sense of satisfaction in the process and the results. We’ve never been so genuinely happy about a record.”

The Jersey born, New York grown, Nashville based couple, known simply as The Grahams, have carved out new artistic paths with their third record, Kids Like Us, which was producer-legend Richard Swift’s last project before his death in 2018. With stellar songwriting and bold arrangements, the new record is a love letter to the timeless pop albums Alyssa and Doug grew up with, harkening back to a time when Brian Wilson, Nancy Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, The Ronettes and Diana Ross & The Supremes ruled the airwaves.

Through writing the record, they realized that they had to let go of the idea that they had to fit somewhere. They wanted to be able to write and show their listeners who they truly are….And that’s exactly what they did!

While we wait for the album to drop on March 27th, take a listen to the title track “Kids Like Us” below!