PREMIERE: Listen to “Heavenly” off of Rosemary Fairweather’s upcoming sophomore album
Rosemary Fairweather

25-year-old Toronto based dream-pop artist, Rosemary Fairweather, has used music to help overcome intense struggles in her life.

Last year, she suffered a severe concussion which left her unable to leave her own bedroom. Growing from the hardship and discovering her inner strength, she’s released a new song each month, culminating with her sophomore album Heavenly – A Second Collection of Songs, out on August 30th.

Fairweather spoke about the record, stating, “Heavenly – A Second Collection Of Songs was inspired by my deep love of pop music. At its best, for me, pop music works on the dance floor, but equally well at home on the bed with headphones on. Pop music has saved my life, time and time again, and I hope this album makes a difference in that same sort of way for someone somewhere.”

The album is a stunning nine-track collection of ethereal dream-pop featuring Fairweather’s signature spaced-out vocals and shimmering ethereal soundscapes.  Heavenly- A Second Collection of Songs is best described as a coming of age album, touching upon themes such as dependency, intense love and loss, and celebrating life’s small victories.

The track, “Heavenly,” stream down belowfeatures warm vocals floating atop delicate shimmering synths. While the darker, moodier tone of “Once In A While” hits harder with clashing guitars juxtaposing the gentle glossy vocals; “You Talk Too Much” pulses with electric energy. It’s a spirited danceable triumph of an album, uplifting listeners with each note.

Rosemary Fairweather has received critical acclaim for her hypnotic dream pop. Take your first listen to the first track, “Heavenly” off of Heavenly – A Second Collection Of Songs and be transported to another world of sound.