PREMIERE: Psyclo introduces listeners to the dark realms of ‘The 18th Floor in Hell’

In Psyclo’s world, listeners represent characters in a video game exploring a maze that brings new sights and sounds with each turn. This labyrinth presents elements that you believed only existed in your head. Psyclo’s latest single “The 18th Floor in Hell” provides a soundtrack to this specific moment of muddled disorientation.

Shenyang, China native by the stage name Psyclo traversed tough times of feeling trapped at school and trying to find her true self. She lived a standard childhood of going to school, coming home and eating dinner, but she also indulged in violent movies and anime. Landing in Hollywood, Psyclo attended college in Hollywood with the intent to study filmmaking but quickly found herself besotted by the English language and how words paired with an instrumental track allowed her to express a direct idea.

Metaphorically speaking, “The 18th Floor in Hell” is a mix of feeling like you’re always standing on the edge about to crash or inching closer to danger. These phenomenons are brought to life through her Chinese heritage, more specifically, the 18 levels of hell where individuals are sent to payback their sins after they pass.

This track brings unpredictability through strong imagery and alt-heavy, distorted vocals. The blurriness in our brains while fleeing from the things that bring us sorrow and sadness ultimately depends on where our minds decide to wander. Complex melodies lie atop a steady R&B beat that is met later with heavy production and similar sounds to those found in horror films.

Music is Psyclo’s route to escapism, and “The 18th Floor in Hell” embodies a state of mania when those close to you refuse to validate you, and the only thing left to do is to run far away. Listen to “The 18th Floor in Hell” below: