PREMIERE: Psychic Shakes release personal EP “Unsaid”

Psychic Shakes, the solo project of Southhampton, UK artist Max McLellan, takes you track by track through Unsaid, McLellan’s EP, premiered with COLLiDE and out Oct. 9, 2020.

Track 1: Wageslave

Basically talking about the monotony and boredom of doing a low paid hospitality job in your early twenties. Dreaming about being financially secure and able to provide for the others that you love. It’s a light-hearted, humorous song about unemployment, and the reluctance to be part of the grind. It’s also a nod to some of the surf-driven pop I was more keen on when I first started making music.

Track 2: Suddenly

“Suddenly” talks about the outsider mentality of not wanting to be part of a society obsessed with social media. The way humans are now connected in a globalized, unnatural way is incredible, and there are many benefits to our new found connectivity. But sharing, posting, and talking to people online is a weird liminal state that I don’t like being a part of, but in some ways it’s crucial to be part of the machine in order to stay relevant and in touch with people. “Suddenly” is an ode to not giving a shit about what people think about you online, and based on conversations I’ve had with people about one day escaping it all.

Track 3: Last Night

“Last Night” is another easy-going song, based on a time when my girlfriend was away. I went out to buy Kahlua to make some white russians, but my card got declined. It’s not 100% true, but the overall theme was that I missed my girlfriend when I was drunk once, and was reminded of how awkward I was around her when we first met.

Track 4: Had To Stray

“Had to Stray” is a song about a past relationship. It’s a goodbye essentially. I knew this person when I was much younger, and far more insecure, and emotionally unavailable. It’s an apology for my behavior, but also an acknowledgement of my own faults and forgiveness of myself.

Track 5: Waiting For

This is just a fun song. The lyrics were initially about waiting for a time when I could be happy. I sort of realized in writing the other songs that I can’t just wait for things to happen, and have to do them. Instrumentally I like the song, and wanted to leave it in as I felt it once had a thematic place on the EP.

Stream Unsaid below:




Photo provided by Max McLellan.