PREMIERE: Alt-pop songwriter Valerie Orth explores technology and human connection in latest album “Rabbit Hole”

In a year where technology has become something we rely on for communication more than ever, songwriter Valerie Orth gives us Rabbit Hole, an album that reflects on the ways technology can both blur the lines of the “traditional” and hinder our self-perception.

Co-produced with David “Dizmix” Lopez (Ice Cube, Beyonce, Brandy), Orth said she played with the concept of the world’s current condition in creating Rabbit Hole.

“In the production process, we began exploring the disappearance of definitive lines in gender, genre, time and cultures, and how technology relates to that concept,” Orth said. “In contrast to what was traditionally taught, time is not always linear, gender is not binary, and cultures that were so clearly distinct from one another before often blend together. And technology plays an enormous role in all of it.”

Title track “Rabbit Hole” was released in Oct. ahead of the full album. Within the song, Orth talks about technology addiction and the ways in which our online connections can overwhelm our emotions. The track is futuristic and shows the dark side of technology being so embedded within our lives. Orth’s vocals blend with synthesizers, giving her lyrics an edge to them. This mixed with a more electronic backing pushes the track’s futuristic tone further

Standout track “I Believe We Will Win” features a variety of voices from around the world repeating “I believe we will win” in their native languages. Regarding this track, Orth said she wanted to chip away at the confusion we’re living in through analyzing social issues and hoped to bring hope in times of despair.

As the holiday season approaches, Orth’s message of hope and valid critique of current issues is much appreciated. Rabbit Hole‘s release at the end of a whirlwind year is timely and helps solidify Orth’s commitment to creating art that is personal and politically charged.

Listen to Rabbit Hole, premiered exclusively with COLLiDE.

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photo by: Liz Maney