PREMIERE: Peter Katz drops dreamy new track “Like We Used To Be”
Peter Katz

What’s the saying? How are you going to love someone if you can’t love yourself? Well, Peter Katz is furthering that point with his new song “Like We Used To Be”.

It’s easy to forget about yourself when you’re busy thinking about others. Though it’s important to be there for the ones you love, it’s also important to take care of yourself. This sentiment holds true on Peter Katz‘s silky new song. “Like We Used To Be” is a soothing pop track sure to be your new go-to anthem when you need a “pick me up” the most. Swirling synths and soft vocals take you on a journey to self love and reassurance, something we all need right now. Here’s what Katz had to say about the song!

My new song, “Like We Used To Be” is about hitting that definitive end moment in a relationship. Somehow that person still holds this ability to make your heart pound and your palms sweat, but you reach a point where you’re able to feel the nostalgia of it all, without feeling like you need to go back. You can see a way to finally begin to move on. When you’re finally ready to draw that line in the sand, to say ‘no more,’ you set in motion a new possibility. That finality triggers a lot of pain, but that pain marks the start of the healing and the growth.

Peter Katz’s “Like We Used To Be” is officially out NOW. Check it out down below and let us know what you think!