PREMIERE: OSKA achieves catharsis on new live track “Misunderstood”

The newest live track from the Austrian artist finds release in the trenches of self-pity, relishing in the way no one else understands personal pain.


Sometimes, optimism isn’t the answer.

For Austria’s OSKA, it certainly wasn’t, not when it came to solving the host of problems that seemed to plague her in the early days of 2019. Instead, she found catharsis in complaining – airing out her grievances on what would eventually become her latest track, “Misunderstood.”

“2019, just a couple of days into the new year, I wrote ‘Misunderstood’ with a stuffy nose and a fever. I’d booked studio time with a few friends and was very mad at my body for getting sick. I was very mad at myself in general around that time because, just like I couldn’t tell my body to not be sick anymore, I just couldn’t tell my brain to not be sad anymore. The same morning I was to go to the studio, my boyfriend at the time was giving me advice on how to cope with my feelings, and although it was well meant, something in me couldn’t handle that advice; or any advice for that matter. I heard a voice in my head saying, ‘But I already tried that. So now what?’ A few hours later, out of desperation, I wrote ‘Misunderstood.’ It’s a song I wrote simply to complain and feel sorry for myself. And once the song was written and I was done complaining, I felt better than I did in weeks,” OSKA said of the track.

The live version of “Misunderstood” sees OSKA perched on a barstool, armed with only her guitar and accompanied by a light electric piano. Seated at a nearby table are on-lookers singing along, and, though the track is a deeply personal exploration of her inner thoughts, there is the underlying sense that everyone can relate to OSKA’s melancholic disposition. Misery loves company, after all.

“Misunderstood” comes as the latest single from her debut EP Honeymoon Phase, set to release Friday, January 8th. On it, the Vienna singer-songwriter dives into what it means to hit rock bottom, as well as grappling with the sometimes-futile efforts of friends and family who try to pull you out of it. Drawing inspiration from the Irish folk ballads of her childhood and modern acts like Maggie Rogers and SoKo, OSKA is completing an exercise in honesty, using writing as a medium to say exactly what she wants to say. Honeymoon Phase, refreshingly unashamed about the realities of discontent, is a project all her own.

“Releasing my debut EP feels like going for a pee in the night after telling myself repeatedly it could wait until the morning. It’s the best feeling in the whole world and at the same time you’re asking yourself ‘Why didn’t I do that sooner?’ It took me a long time to release my music because I wanted it to be right and for it to feel like me. Also I’m lazy and my bed is very comfy. Hence the not-peeing.  All of this makes me a 24 year old with an EP I’m very proud of and a strong bladder,” OSKA said of the EP.

Presave Honeymoon Phase here and check out the live version of “Misunderstood” below:



photo by: Tim Cavadini