Premiere: ONR’s Resist Anthem, “5 Years Time”
5 Years Time

Scottish indie-electronic singer ONR premieres “5 Years Time” the second single off his upcoming debut EP slated for release next year.

A reaction to the current state of affairs, the anthemic “5 Years Time” pulses with driving bass and resounding harmonies. The resilient track calls listeners to forge ahead and fight for equality and civility as the chorus refrains, “Let’s see where we are in five years time.”

Lyrically, this is one the darkest songs I have,” ONR explains. “I was really trying to promote two ideas: firstly, this idea of balancing your past with your present, and secondly, to set it against this current backdrop of dark politics and the increasingly common frustration and helplessness that this generation is feeling.”

Despite the politically charged undertone, there’s a hopefulness in the ballad that lies within the resolve to resist, speak out, take action and band together. There’s strength – and change – in numbers. ONR fervently cries out, at times with a powerful falsetto, to listeners to keep the faith and plant the seeds today for a better tomorrow.

ONR recently came onto the scene with the release of his in-demand debut single, “Jericho” earlier this year. The singer is currently working with producer Mark Crew (Bastille), Doc McKinney (The Weeknd) and mixer Spike Stent (Massive Attack, Frank Ocean) on his debut EP scheduled for release next year.

Listen to the premiere of ONR’s “5 Years Time” now.  Stream all of ONR’s catalogue on your preferred platform here.