PREMIERE: New single “Willow” is an exploration of human emotion.

Dark and ominous tones, Junaco releases their latest single entitled “Willow.”  The track showcases warm instrumentation and soft, haunting vocals atop jangly guitars. Through deep, organic storytelling and atmospheric soundscapes “Willow” thematically is a profound expression of emotions.

“Emotions are often intensified by our surroundings. We rarely separate the two – when we are inspired by a feeling it is all encompassed by the environment we are in. The message of this music is to except those feelings rather than trying to mask them”, confides lead singer Jaffer.

Junaco is the foundation of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa. On the outskirts coastal Northern California the duo found the escape they needed to generate new music. Taking their time to craft stunning music without the burden of their normal worries, a budding partnership was born. It consisted of half parts progression and melody. An unlikely pair, the Pakistani songstress and Indianapolis drummer write multi-layered, personal songs that are authentic and relatable.

Their forthcoming EP, produced by Omar Yakar (War on Drugs, Perfume Genius), is the young duo mountainous incubations come to life. Junaco’s hope is to create music with a strong sense of closeness and connection. Their aim is to remind others of our innate human emotions and Junaco’s single “Williow” accomplishes just that.

photo by: Anna Maria Lopez