PREMIERE: New Single “Stroke Us” from How Nice


Meet How Nice, the Bristol-based indie rock trio that might just be the mid-Februrary antidote we all need. Dropping today is “Stroke Us,” a groovy new single embodying the band’s “dance-rock with a grunge twist, brit-pop garnish and a dash of hip hop,” sound. Wonderfully reminiscent of the best 90’s indie rock but with a bunch of contemporary twists like a mid-way hip hop breakdown or improvised solo, Both ominous and effervescent at once, “Stroke Us,” demonstrates this meticulous layering and duality that How Nice has weaved into every aspect of their songwriting, recording, and performance process.


Despite having only played their first gig in October 2019, How Nice has already begun to garner a reputation for their high-energy live performances. “We were just starting to grasp the momentum of touring when COVID-19 hit,” says bassist Charlie. Despite the last-minute changes of plans that delayed their March recording session in Cornwall, they have still found ways to create. Frontman Joe, for example, went off on an acoustic cover marathon, posting at least 100-200 recordings that ranged from Dolly Parton to Linkin Park on the band’s IG. Between April and August last year, he posted at least 150 covers. While many were more experimental and playful like Lady Gaga, covers tributing Joe’s soft-piped indie-rock forefathers like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis, are spooky gorgeous. How Nice also claimed that in COVID they have appreciated the ability to further engage with their vast international fan base online.


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