PREMIERE: Munich-based artist Mindsight prepares for a post-COVID music scene in Germany

In latest single “Wake Up Call,” Mindsight—or Joshua Neumann—blends sonic sounds with electronic roots to create a bouncy track that envelops the listener, leaving them yearning for live events post-pandemic.

“Wake Up Call” feels both EDM and hyper-pop, showcasing Neumann’s musical knowledge and emerging talent. The artist described his sound as fluid, pulling inspiration from a variety of genres and creative connections.

Here at COLLiDE, we’d have to agree. Neumann’s sound is something that’s unique and has the ability to pull the listener in immediately.

When not producing tracks, or playing shows (back before the pandemic, at least), Neumann works with others in Germany’s underground scene to secure funds for the unsteady future art spaces are facing.

“During the first months of the pandemic I helped with United We Stream, a big initiative by different collectives, clubs and associations to take action and raise funds for endangered clubs,” Neumann said. “We did streams from venues or special events in places of club culture together with German broadcast channel ARTE.”

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic—with some countries more successful than others—Neumann was cautiously optimistic about the future of live music events.

“There are countries that have a very specific geographical setting and hard well-used restrictions that are already able to hold mass events without new infections. My hometown Munich had open air events with a max capacity of 200 people this summer—we even hosted one with Befriended Collectives,” Neumann said.

Neumann did say, though, that larger events such as festivals may not be seen right away post-pandemic.

“Worldwide it’s going to be a big task and effort for all of us,” Neumann said. “My guess is it will take one up to two years minimum for most activities at least to come back, for festivals and mass events even longer.”

“Wake Up Call” is the beginning of a host of new projects Neumann plans to release under stage name Mindsight.

“The coming year will be full of experiments,” Neumann said. “There will be new projects in public space with the Common Ground, new EP concepts and I will continue to actively use my voice in the discourse on the topics of participation, art and DIY.”

Stream “Wake Up Call” ahead of its general release below:



photo by: Yunus Hutterer