PREMIERE: Manic. re-evaluates current sound and channels 2000s emo with release of single “Slowly From the Inside”

The newest track from Nashville-based pop-punk band Manic. looks to re-evaluate their current sound and brings in aesthetics reminiscent of 2000s emo legend My Chemical Romance.

Gerard Way would be proud of Manic., and as both a fan and a journalist who saw the band navigate the intense shifts 2020 brought, I’m proud too.

In the music video for “Slowly From the Inside,” Manic. shifts their sound to something a bit darker—heavier on the drums and with more orchestral elements than seen in previous singles. Manic. also introduces new motifs in flashes throughout the video.

“This track is our way of killing a lot of our own conventions and the EP era and beginning this new phase of singles,” the band said. “It’s about the little deaths/ego deaths and tragedies we go through in our lives.”

The EP era the band refers to here is their EP The Butterfly Effect, which was released after a string of singles in 2019 and early 2020.

Consequently with “Slowly From the Inside,” Manic. embraces the change of the present while still thanking the past.

The music video is glamorous and vintage, reminding viewers of old home video footage but still possessing that elevated level of showmanship present in their genre. Their effort is visible while being able to remain effortless in feel.

“Slowly From the Inside” is the band’s first release with new members Josh Parra (drums) and Jacob Siergeza (bass). In it, Manic. has found their sweet spot. They’re one to watch in the coming new year.

Listen to “Slowly From the Inside” now:




photo by: Michael Oliver Cheyne