PREMIERE: Loud Forest captures their extraordinary love story in “Costa Rica”

Pop-rock husband-and-wife team Loud Forest creates music seeping with vibrant, vocals and bright, bold instrumentation.

Coming together in this imaginative collaboration, the duo fuse their distinct style of playful, upbeat pop with rich, dreamy vocals and undercurrents of driving rock. Channeling that same signature sound, but enhancing it with a tropical twist, they release their new colorful track “Costa Rica”. With cheerful, sun-soaked soundscapes and warm, impassioned melodies, listeners are immediately filled with radiant, rainforest vibes. The love song is a tender ode to when Bernard and Rachel Chadwick of Loud Forest first laid eyes on one another as teenagers. Experiencing an instant spark that was indescribable, Bernard confides, “I was in the jungle digging some stairs down to a waterfall, then up walks this cute 17-year-old girl in ripped up jeans out of nowhere. She was there to visit for a couple of days, she sang and played guitar (blackbird by The Beatles). It obviously made an impression on me.”

Loud Forest was conceived while Bernard was attending the College of Design in Pasadena. Taking his affection for art and pairing it with rock, the two developed a creative bond that lead to refreshing, feel-good music. Their introspective lyrics and danceable vibes have gained them loyal fans, performing for sold-out crowds across Los Angeles. Check out “Costa Rica” and share their unique journey to love.