Premiere: Listen to Gringo Star’s latest single, “Find A Love”
gringo star

When you’ve been grinding away on the road for over a decade there is an undeniable chemical bond that forms in a band.  All of those subtle bursts of noise fall into place and the melodic stars align. This phenomenon is very much the case with Atlanta’s garage pop giants Gringo Star. 

When they first landed on the scene in ‘08 with their debut effort, All Y’all, there was a flurry of garage contemporaries like The Black Lips and Jay Reatard making their mark.  The live shows were raucous and zero f*cks were given about being cool or trendy. The irony was a great many of those bands themselves became a dominant influence on music, fashion, and culture from the streets of Brooklyn all the way to the dives of Portland during that brief era.

Hearing the live recordings from Gringo’s September 2018 romp at The Earl brings all that awesome nostalgia back, while still remaining quite immediate and refreshing.  As a collection, Controlled Burn comes out July 12th on Baby Robot Records.

Today on Culture Collide, we are premiering one particular cut from the live show “Find a Love,” and here, Nicholas Furgiuele of Gringo Star exclaims, “‘Find a Love’ is off of our 3rd album, Floating Out to See that we self-released in 2013.  We usually have a handful of songs off each album that stays in the live set, and this one is one that we’ve continued to play.  Floating Out To See was our first album that we produced and recorded ourselves after working with producer, Ben Allen, and engineer, James Salter. We worked with them on the first two albums, which was really amazing, but starting with Floating… we’ve been producing/recording/mixing ourselves ever since.  When we record, we start with building a rhythm track and then layer on from there. Live, we try to play it like it sounds, but it’s cool to have this version of the band playing live all together on it.”

“Find a Love” floats along somewhere between The Kinks, The Pixies and Kings of Leon, and it’s about to burn a hole in your speakers!



Gringo Star Tour Dates – Summer 2019

7/5 – Asheville, NC – Highland Brewery

7/6 – Washington, DC – DC9

7/7 – Annapolis, MD – Tsunami Club

7/8 – NYC, NY – Mercury Lounge

7/9 – Rochester, NY – Bug Jar

7/10 – Windsor, ON/Canada – Phog Lounge

7/11 – Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme

7/12 – Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club

7/13 – Cincinnati, OH – Northside Tavern

7/18 – Lakeland, FL – Hillcrest Coffee

7/19 – Tampa, FL – Ellas Folk Art Cafe

7/20 – Orlando, FL – Wills Pub

8/2 – Atlanta, GA – 529

8/3 – Athens, GA – Caledonia Lounge

photo by: Solomon Mills, Jindra Bucan