PREMIERE: Lisa Remar shows off big city living in video for “Halfway to Nowhere”

Lisa Remar’s newest music video works like a highlight reel to give the viewer a feel for what NYC can be when you’re in your twenties.

Throughout the video, Remar can be seen frequenting classic NYC locations—a subway car and station, a water taxi, city streets and cozy apartments. The lights and surroundings of her neighborhood are filmed in a nostalgic way, furthering the sense of working to make it in NYC.

This sense of nostalgia combines with Remar’s wistful, soothing lyrics to create a portrait of young people navigating living on their own. “Halfway to Nowhere” captures the transitional journey into adulthood in a way that is beautiful and nostalgic.

“For this video we wanted to show a group of friends celebrating themselves—living out an extravagant fantasy despite the lonely and broke realities of being 20 somethings in New York,” Remar said. “Friend and director, Nikita Merrin, captured this in a simple and poignant narrative. Scenes of walking around downtown and riding a cab alone are juxtaposed with scenes of partying with friends. The tone is very much the combined styles of both of us—the shots are evocative and have the ability to conjure a sense of nostalgia.”

Watch “Halfway to Nowhere” now:



Photo by: Nikita Merrin