PREMIERE: Lawson Hull’s New Single, “Honey”

On October 2, Aussie singer/songwriter Lawson Hull, signed to Nettwerk, is sharing his new single “Honey” from his debut EP Dreaming is Easy, set for a November 13 release.

The EP is comprised of six tracks rooted in folk and dream pop melodies. Among these tracks is stand out single “Paint,” which has already amassed nearly 5 million streams on Spotify alone.   

“Honey” is a cautionary tale, alluding to the challenges presented by one’s first serious relationship. Switching between his own story and a friends, Lawson speaks on the darker, more toxic side of being in love through an acoustic guitar and softly pleading lyrics. The song is both advice for his friend and himself.

In Lawson’s own words, “The EP [Dreaming is Easy] uncovers scenes of heartbreak for close friends and family, the breakdown of relationships, the building of new ones, and the everyday struggle to believe in oneself as a songwriter and artist.” While the tormenting and difficult moments of these relationships are prominent throughout the EP, Lawson also explores moments of deep love and appreciation, approaching them with heartfelt, lush sensitivity.  

Dreaming is Easy  is a collection of stories, portraying sonic snapshots of Lawson’s life leading up to this release. For the listener, it’s an invitation to experience what Lawson has been through, and to think about it in the context of their own life. As Lawson puts it, “hopefully [it’s] a reflective moment to the listener, to act on their dreams.” 

“’Honey’ completes the theme of the EP, that each song covers various areas from the past few years of my life (new love, old love, family issues, and small town FOMO). ‘Honey’ is the clear break-up song. It’s also the secret companion track to my love song, ‘Paint’. Sonically they go hand in hand, the way they arc and have similar feeling choruses. One’s break up and one’s new love. This EP will bring some much needed closure to this chapter.”

Even the EP’s artwork (below)—a childhood photo of Lawson and his sister eating ice cream in the 90s—is a reminder of its theme. Lawson comments, “It’s easy to dream when you’re a kid. You just have to make those dreams come to life when you’re older.”

Drawing inspiration from artists like Bon Iver to Bombay Bicycle Club, Lawson’s songs land in the sonic midst of fellow Australian artists such as Kita Alexanda, Angus and Julia Stone and #1 Dads. Sydney-based producer Billy Otto, who worked on all but one of the six tracks on the EP, provided a cohesive sonic palette that speaks to Lawson’s atmospheric guitar playing and his love of the outdoors. Together, Billy and Lawson are a dynamic duo with an unparalleled ability to create emotional and beautiful music.  

Watch the music video for “Honey” here:

“My video creative, Sam Brumby, came up with the concept for the music video. He nailed it. He switched the male/female roles around which I thought was a nice point of difference. The music video concept is based around the aftermath of the breakup in some way. The old lover keeps popping up in everyday situations, as part of her imagination. We shot it all on the South Coast at Stanwell Park in a day. I’m not in a whole lot of the video (which I like), but the floating shot in the palm trees was tricky to achieve. I had to balance on this trolly thing that was towed by a van that Sam was filming from. We filmed in slow motion so I had to sing like triple the song speed which would’ve been the weirdest thing to watch.”


Photo Credit: Arlo Pyne