Premiere: Kuri’s Mesmerizing Folk Rock Single ‘Sort Sol’

Kuri releases his celestial new single ‘Sort Sol’. Known for his cinematic arrangements, the new single features sweeping acoustic guitars, earthy folk rhythms and rich chamber pop. Despite his long list of talents, Kuri prefers to describe himself as “an observer” and truly flourishes through his use of observational storytelling. Having overcome hurdles in his life, Kuri reflects themes of contemplation amidst his stunning compositions.

Reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, ‘Sort Sol’ highlights Kuri’s use of organic instrumentation, dreamy tones and velvet vocals which drift gently across the intricate melodies. The track evokes a radiant yet melancholy emotion, recalling memories of his past through his string fuelled soundscapes and resonating harmonies. Kuri reveals, “I like to watch, analyze, and create systems in my brain. As a solo artist, I enjoy the freedom to express exactly what I want by drawing on what I see” and it is through his unique songwriting that Kuri delivers listeners with an insight into his creative mind.

Having spent his years growing up in the small-town of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Kuri (Scott Currie) often dreamt of life outside the Mennonite community. Using music as a form of escapism, the young Kuri sought solace in jamming with his siblings. With the desire to create music which brings healing to those in need, Kuri hopes listeners will follow his lead in living life through an honest and candid lens.

‘Sort Sol’ follows the release of Kuri’s debut EP Human Nature, which has been garnering acclaim from both critics and fans alike. Give it a listen below.

photo by: Rachel Pick, Nevado Music