Premiere: Kid Bloom Resurrect Disco with Full Length debut ‘A Long Kiss Goodbye’
song premiere

Psych disco duo Kid Bloom made waves in the LA scene at the end of 2016 with their debut EP A Different State of Mind, and have spent the better part of this year hibernating and gestating, refining their craft for their forthcoming full length.

Restructured as a five-piece, Kid Bloom are poised to make good on the promises set forth on their debut with A Long Kiss Goodbye. Steeped in glorious 1970s groove and psychedelia, Kid Bloom channel sounds and feelings of the disco era with surprising authenticity, minus the glitz and glam that defined the decade’s visual aesthetic.  Synths pulsate and bass lines vamp to form the groove that permeates throughout the record as singer/guitarist Lennon Kloser’s sultry vocals creep overtop, at times clear and soulful, at others vocoded into psychedelic oblivion.  Carefully crafted string accompaniments and funky guitar licks fill out the sound.  The vibe here is deeply rooted in vibrant disco, and Kid Bloom proudly wear the influence of Earth, Wind, and Fire and The Bee Gees on their sleeves.  But you don’t need a leisure suit to boogey with these boys, as the lasting effects of the Indie rock revival of the past decade can also be heard in the King Khan-esque vocal lines and the colorful melancholia reminiscent of Tame Impala.  Get your fix of neon groove with A Long Kiss Goodbye, slated for release on September 29th.