Premiere: Kelsy Karter’s Dark Comedic New Visuals “Catch Me If You Can”
Gritty, intense, and fearless artist Kelsy Karter, is the next rock queen.  Premiering her new visuals for her latest single “Catch Me If You Can” exclusively with Culture Collide, Karter’s stunning new video is a “Victorian style Weekend At Bernies”.  The track highlights soulful emotive vocals atop pounding bass lines.  “Catch Me If You Can” is the new anthem for unapologetic breakups featuring explosive melodies paired with poignant lyrics.

The video showcases a bold and confident Karter dressed in a vintage wedding gown with a dead bloodstained lover close by.  In contrast to the dark theme of death, the visual is actually quite playful reminding the viewer that you can make light of any situation. The cast of eccentric characters, played by her band mates, are seen eating Chinese takeout, showing off unusual dance moves and even posing with the dead man, appearing not phased in the lavish mansion.

With influences such as Queen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Karter’s music is unique a mix of her defiant spirit and her immense talent for seamlessly blending classic vibes with contemporary influences. She’s succeeded in creating a new kind of rock ‘n’ roll that’s innovative and speaks to the current generation.