PREMIERE: Kate Lynn’s Vulnerable New Single Speaks On the Nature of Toxic Relationships

Kate Lynn’s new single “Sorry For Being Sorry” tells the story of a relationship where you give your all and seem to get nothing in return — a feeling many of us can relate to whether it be in a friendship or something more.

Despite the sad elements of the track, “Sorry For Being Sorry” is an empowering message about moving forward and no longer tolerating treatment that is anything but uplifting.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Kate struggled with self esteem growing up. As a result of bullying, she was pulled out of public school and homeschooled to avoid the torment of other kids. While this setback was undoubtably difficult, its influence shines through her music in a remarkable and introspective way, displaying growth and the ability to confront and overcome challenges. Moving to Nashville to pursue songwriting was a major step for Kate, as she arrived in a new city ready to follow her dreams without letting others tear her down.

Kate’s new single opens with lyrics that, right off the bat, disarm her, expressing honest and raw emotions:


I’m always the first to apologize for the way I am, even if I’m right.

I can get so stuck in my head and I resent you for what you said.


“‘Sorry For Being Sorry’ is an expression of what it feels like to be in a disappointing relationship that takes and never gives. It was a song that, as I wrote it, I realized how much I allowed this person to make me feel like I was constantly in the wrong. You should never have to apologize for who you are. I hope it gives to people just as much as it has given to me.” -Kate Lynn


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photo by: Jaqueline Day