PREMIERE: Jenny March gets personal with audacious new single ‘November Nights’
jenny march

Jenny March delivers personal pop numbers based on the essence of a 25-year-old navigating her young life. Homogenous to a conversation with your BFF, March’s caption-worthy lyrics delve into themes of love and loss while allowing listeners to feel exactly as she is with each release.

In our phone conversation, March explains that she writes music as a personal outlet, but she is starting to consider how her emotional sentiments affect her audience. “The more you write, as vulnerable as you can, and coming from your actual heart, I feel like the more it’s going to relate to other people,” March adds.

After starting in musical theatre, March knew she belonged on the stage. March moved from Ohio to Los Angeles at a young age to pursue her dream with her mother and began dancing and acting. “I just knew I needed to get out there,” March says. Experiencing new places and cities allowed March to channel her creative energy and pour it into something worthwhile: her music. She acknowledges she is far from the top of her musical career and how there are competitive aspects of the industry, but remains hopeful for the release of her new EP later this year.

Like other artists, March is keeping busy on social media while she is unable to tour by preforming live sets and hosting her series on her Instagram (tag it) called “Wednesday Sessions.” Sharing music with others, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new artists through this series keeps her motivated and uplifted.

March also plans to join the SAVAGEXFENTY team as an ambassador blending her love for music and fashion. Since she was young, March has admired Rihanna as a musical influence and fashion icon. “ I love just expressing yourself through fashion as well as in music, that’s what I do with writing,” March says.

March’s next single “November Nights” sets the stage for a new chapter in her career. Pulling from experience, the single is about being obsessed with making a relationship work even when it is not the best option for you. March sat down with producer Jayden Grey who hosted a “mini therapy session” to help hash out the lyrics for the track. Working with producer Juliana Kino on the “November Nights” music video was also a dream collaboration for March. The video features moody hues and captivating nighttime scenes that match March’s animated personality. With her effortless charisma and unfiltered approach, this pop queen is sure on the rise to stardom.

November Nights is out everywhere now!