PREMIERE: Introducing Chuck is a Band by way of electrifying single “Waiting”

Shifting from her past narrative under the moniker Megan Michelle Bird, multi-talented musician Megan Benavente opens the curtain to reveal her current project Chuck is a Band with charged single that fans have been “Waiting” anxiously for.

Chuck is a Band brings forth energizing soundscapes and introspective lyrics and can be characterized as a vulnerable rollercoaster of self-reflection for Benavente. The highly-anticipated EP “Tender Kid” is set for release on Sept. 18.

Benavente herself is heavily intertwined with the music community, collaborating with multiple musicians who quickly became her biggest cheerleaders. If you don’t recognize Benavente’s sweet-sounding chords from her appearances with Pinegrove, you may recognize her face from the Troubador where she worked as a Front of House Engineer. With help from dear friends Tim Very (drums) and Andy Prince (bass) of Manchester Orchestra, Pat Benson (formerly guitar of Tigers Jaw) and producer Kyle Berzle, Chuck is a Band delivers a live experience directly to listener’s headphones.

“I wanted this record to feel like a band playing live,” Benavente explains. “Feeling like you’re in a warm hug and then the guitar comes in and you feel like you want to punch a wall. A lot of it comes from the way that your body reacts and your mind reacts and I wanted to follow those instincts.”

Amidst the chaos of life on the road, Benavente manifested a contemporary solo-career and leaned on intrapersonal themes of patience and authority. The first-released single from the EP “Waiting” features infectious, looping guitar patterns and narrations of longing for someone who dreams of another. The lyrics address both feelings of contentment and heartache that come along with the infatuation of a crush.

“On the surface, it’s a song about a girl who loves a girl who loves a boy. But more than that, I think it’s a song that speaks to the romanticism and fantasy of wanting what you can’t have,” Benavente says.

The tension steadily builds before a break of noisy guitars and lyrical pleas to symbolize the transient nature of lustful emotion to conclude the track. Ultimately, Chuck is a Band guides us in mustering the courage to endure a life full of ambivalence.

Listen to “Waiting” below and let us know what you think!




photo by: Brittany O'Brien