PREMIERE: Indie four-piece ESPRESSO release promising single “Bottles” with accompanying video

Colin Martin, Dashel Dupuy, Alex Gutierrez-Kovner and Ardem Gourdikian combine funk, punk, DIY and indie together for a sound that’s packed with raw energy and groovy tunes.

The self-made band have worked to bring themselves up to a new level, narrowing down the evolution of their sound and polishing their musicianship. The result is a new single that highlights ESPRESSO’s ability to deliver quality lyrics that the listener can relate to.

“Bottles” channels a California sound that reminds the listener of big acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime. A grooving bass line starts off the song. A fish eye lens capturing dreamy SoCal visuals in the music video adds to the late 90s and early 2000s feel of the track.

Overall, the song shows promise of a great future for ESPRESSO. One full of fun, friends and positive vibes.

“‘Bottles’ is a love song to your best friend. It’s the subconscious voice finally speaking out to ensure everlasting light,” frontman Martin said.

Watch the video for “Bottles” now:

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Photo by: Crust Young