PREMIERE: GA based band Heffner drop dreamy new track “All Alone, Baby”

It’s lonely in this world but baby, we have a new Heffner song to keep us company. 

Heffner as a whole may be new to you but maybe not the members individually. Get to know them! Heffner is made up of Wanderwild’s Taylor Cotton (guitarist, songwriter) and Reagan Byrd (lead vocals) teaming up with Grand Vapids’ McKendrick Bearden (bass) and the Hernies’ Will Hefner (drums). Guitarist Lars Hefner rounds out the five-man squad. Together, the group promises wide-ranging palette of sounds—everything from driving power pop to dreamy bedroom R&B.

Now that you know the guys a little better, get to know their music. We’re so honored to bring Culture Collide readers the premiere of their new song “All Alone, Baby” for your listening pleasure. Here is what Cotton had to say about the track:

All Alone, Baby” we wanted to feel like falling back to Earth but never quite landing. It’s about the desire to sign up to be with something or someone for a lifetime, never mind the consequences. It’s also a reminder that giving and receiving love and compassion, even when you don’t want to, is the best way to feel like a part of anything bigger than yourself.  Its a strange coincidence how real that ‘world-flipped-upsidedown’ feeling has been in recent months, and how often we’re needing that reminder.

Heffner’s “All Alone, Baby” is available now on all streaming platforms. Check it out down below and let us know what you think!