PREMIERE: Hayden Calnin’s New Single Grapples with the Tumultuous Nature of the Universe

Sometimes we feel powerless in the chaos that is life. “Oh What A Mess I’m In” relates this all-too-human struggle to the complexity of the universe and how we’re able to make sense of the chaos by living our lives introspectively — comforted by the acknowledgement of that which we will never fully understand.

After abandoning city life and moving to a small coastal town in Australia, Hayden gained a unique appreciation for nature and carefree living. Inspired by his lush surroundings, his music is minimalistic whilst simultaneously rich in texture, alluding to a much bigger picture through subtleties.

“The universe is chaos. Life is too. That’s all I really wanted to say in this song, just in my own way. I’m often finding myself getting way too up in my head about what exactly life is and how everything is part of this infinite, massive, complex and chaotic universe. What an experience it is to not only be a part of that but to also have the capability to process and think about that very fact. Oh, what a mess we all are in…

The song is my love letter to universe, and all the mess within it. I get a lot of comfort and guidance from the things I read, most notably Brian Cox and Alan Watts, one a particle physicist, the other a philosopher. I’m big into space, it’s physics and the big questions around it as anyone who knows me is aware, but maybe something my listeners aren’t aware of. I wanted to sum up a little piece of that into 4 minutes, and this was the result.” -Hayden

The music video for “Oh What A Mess I’m In” features stunning shots of galaxies and stars, beaches, human emotions, and other elements of life and the universe. Switching between scenes and environments, Hayden is able to paint a visceral description of life and how we try to make sense of ourselves in the world.

“I’ve been playing a lot of video games over the Victorian Lockdown over the last 9 months. I’ve never been a huge fan of spending hours in front of a screen, but the last year has had me filling in some off time with other people’s playable imaginations. I wanted to make a video that felt like a small part of an epic journey. Space although complex, is a lot of emptiness, and I wanted to reflect that through telling a short story of someone who gets a glimmer of hope while feeling lost and floating aimlessly through the ether. I spent a lot of time trying to teach myself very basic visual fx, and thought I’d try and make a very c-grade sci fi clip. This was the result. Pretty cool what you can make with a bit of time up your sleeve and some very lovely friends willing to step in and help my weird vision come to life.” -Hayden

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photo by: Al Parkinson