PREMIERE: HATE DRUGS celebrate kinship with their motivational track “Night I (Don’t Stop)”
hate drugs

Emerging from Bakersfield, CA in 2014, HATE DRUGS, an indie-pop band with high hopes and lively spirits, was founded by vocalist and guitarist David Caploe. Over the years, HATE DRUGS have played with various emerging indie bands and have accumulated over five million streams across all platforms. After enduring a long touring cycle and tending to responsibilities outside of their music, the band felt it was necessary to reignite their joyful disposition with their next project.

The band found that traversing life haphazardly has worked in their favor, and this reigned true once again since the random space they chose to record in the Sierra Nevadas offered perfect acoustics and structure for music-making. This space gave the band a chance to immerse themselves in the remote environment to create their first project after six months. It ended up being ideal perfect space and they consequently created enough music for their full EP, “Ponderosa.” The first of this project, “Night I (Don’t Stop)” creates a dreamy landscape that captivates listeners almost immediately.

A peaceful ambiance is established through warm guitar lines and rhythmic hi-hats throughout the track. Soft, muffled vocals narrate affirmations of never giving up and making it to the end.

This entire project and their journey to the mountains that symbolizes their growth as a band. Caploe shares his wisdom which parallels themes present in “Night I (Don’t Stop).”

“Don’t let the goals be your reward, let the journey to each goal be your reward,” Caploe shares.

The music HATE DRUGS created together provides the perfect soundtrack to the dense forest and flurried snow outside the windows that painted a picture straight out of a movie scene.

The whole project was completed in isolation as the five wrote, recorded, arranged and produced this entire project in the previous weeks. This solidarity in this process allowed the fire to find comfort and solace in each other while creating music they are proud to share.

Over the past few months, the band has come to trust in this process and simply experience everything in front of them, preferably together.

“After a long time of things not working out you come to have faith and trust that things will work out,” Caploe adds.

As many are during this time, the five-piece took some time to isolate and slow down. Their unrivaled support for one another lifted their music to new heights, as this experience allowed them to reconnect with one another and produce music they are eager to share with fans. A beautiful sentiment, as being close to the ones we love right now is either a distant or familiar feeling.

“If you want to be successful or if you really love something, you learn that the love for that thing is the reward,” Caploe explains.

Each song on Ponderosa represents a piece of the puzzle that symbolizes the group’s ultimate goal to keep doing what they love. This proves HATE DRUGS are undeniably back in full force to showcase their multifaceted musical talent and unbreakable bond.

The new EP will be out on July 10. You can listen to “Night I (Don’t Stop)” out now. Check it out down below and let us know what you think!





photo by: Salma Bustos