PREMIERE: Greg Laswell’s new song, “Crank” off upcoming new record
greg laswell

It’s only been one year since his last release and LA singer-songwriter Greg Laswell is already back with a brand new album, Covers II.

Laswell has always had a gift of using metaphorical mystery in his songs, sharing such profound moments with his listeners yet leaving just enough room for imaginative interpretation. Yet in 2009, when he released his 2009 Covers, reimagining tracks from the likes of Kate Bush, Kristin Hersh, and Echo & the Bunnymen, he showed his audience another side to his musical processes by breaking down the tracks of his most loved musical influences.

On Covers II, out on September 13th, Laswell breaks down his own interpretations from some of the best songs over the past several decades that have influenced him lyrically and stylistically, from The Verve, PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Placebo, The Psychedelic Furs, Catherine Wheel and Röyksopp.

“I like cascading melodies like the verses of “Crank.” They lend themselves to my natural vocal delivery, so this one came pretty easy by me,” Laswell said. “I’m also not certain of what the original song is actually about, which allowed me to decide what it is about for me… and freed me up to perform it that way—(I’ll keep that detail to myself).”

Laswell performed, produced and recorded the album himself, with the exception of vocal contributions from singer Molly Jenson, who is featured on a few of the songs.

Take a listen to “Crank” below, the latest track off of Greg Laswell’s upcoming record, Covers II, out September 13th.