PREMIERE: Front Country unveils their poignant new single ‘The Reckoning’

As songwriters, composers and multi-instrumentalists, Front Country are no strangers to creating awe-striking releases. Their latest release “The Reckoning” executes their unique musical vision, seeping with masterful storytelling and stunning soulful vocals. Yet another prime example of their emotive Americana sound, the track showcases stunning string arrangements and powerful harmonies resulting in an insightful and mesmerizing offering. 

Though the song was written a year ago, the message perfectly relates to the turmoil the world is facing as we all try to look ahead in hopes of a better future. The trio reveals, “The current political moment has been defined by conflict and polarization but also genuine shifts in collective consciousness and commitment to do better. I have personally done more work in the past few years than at any time in my life in unpacking my own complicity in systems of oppression, and I have seen the same work from others, which feels like the one good thing to come out of all of this.”

Originating from the Bay Area and now residing in Nashville, band members Melody Walker, Adam Roszkiewicz and Jacob Groopman have an ever-evolving sound possessing somewhat of a country twang while also defying the boundaries of genre. Cultivating a loyal fan base by staying true to their roots, Front Country displays a gritty Americana vibe while also exposing a delicate intimacy that shines through their music. Take a listen to this captivating new single now. 

photo by: Kaitlyn Raitz