PREMIERE: Folk duo Handsome Ghost explore a journey towards peace in “Funeral” video

The folk duo Handsome Ghost depict a journey of moving from sadness to a place of inner peace in the music video for their latest single “Funeral.”

Handsome Ghost blend somber layers of guitar with subtle electronic chords and ethereal vocals, creating a reflective single that embodies the feeling of finishing a significant event. The single may remind the listener of acts such as The Lumineers or Sleeping at Last.

Regarding the single, the duo’s member Tim Noyes says “The song recognizes this ending and the excitement that comes with an uncertain future, while also celebrating the past and how important those moments were at the time.”

“The music video mirrors the theme of the song. We tried to depict that journey towards acceptance and what it feels like to arrive at the place where you’re unequivocally prepared to close one book and start another.”

The main character of the video is prompted toward her journey by a black dog, played by Noyes’ dog in real life. Both the dog and the main character explore nearby a nearby forest, the green trees becoming their metaphorical place of acceptance.

“Funeral” is one of six singles dropped by Handsome Ghost this year and appears ahead of their upcoming album “Some Still Morning,” out Sept. 18th, 2020 via Photo Finish Records. Check out the music video below: