Premiere: “Feel It All” on Until The Ribbon Breaks’ “Petrichor”
video premiere

Until The Ribbon Breaks’s Pete Lawrie Winfield and Elliot Wall found their way back to each other, after many moons apart.

In 2015 Pete traveled to Thailand to seek treatment for addiction, where he experienced a spiritual rebirth, and then found himself in the Far East, where he lived in a small hut and composed new music on a laptop computer.

Back in Los Angeles Pete and Elliot reunited in the studio. Together they crafted an album about friendship and the road to recovery. “We hit the studio and had the best musical week we’ve maybe ever had” said Elliot. “
I’m so proud of where [Pete] is, where we are and what came out.”

Until The Ribbon Breaks’ latest single, “Petrichor” rings of nostalgia, as seen in the gauzy home-style video footage in the music video, and hanging in the air of the track’s title – Petrichor is the earthly smell after rainfall on soil. The song invites the listener to soak in every moment of existence, as Pete sings,

“All is forgiven
All is replaced

And I feel it all, I feel it all
I feel it all, I feel it all
I feel it all again
Petrichor, petrichor, petrichor
Come feel it all again”

Watch the video premiere of Until The Ribbon Breaks’ “Petrichor” now and feel all the feels:

photo by: Photo courtesy of the artist