PREMIERE: Fast Romantics Stun in “Made For You” Vintage-Inspired Video

Toronto indie jetsetters “Fast Romantics” take the virtual stage with the new release of the video for “Made For You,” a single to lead the band’s anticipated album release Pick it Up, out August 7th. Accompanying the single is charged, emotional noir-infused visual that swells as soon as the song begins.

Cast in the light of today’s current political upheaval, the “Made for You” video draws from the drear of industrialization. Dystopian undercurrents run wild as Fast Romantics make holographic appearances over a dark cast of perplexing shots from fast-running train hysteria to vintage planes circling. 

While the song maintains a fairly steady pace of billowing drums, orchestral background vocals, and the astral twang of tremolo with each guitar riff, the lyrics maintain a whimsical positivity. The uncertainty and drear of daily life clashes with the softness of love and destiny. The project, made by lead vocalist/songwriter Matthew Angus, along with the experienced hand of Marcus Paquin’s production (The National, Arcade Fire, etc.), it’s no wonder that Fast Romantics perfectly capture the essence of love in chaos: it may not be the answer, but it can be the solace.

Check out the video for “Made for You” by Fast Romantics below!