Premiere: Evan Klar’s Live Video for “Sleep”
video premiere

Witnessing the creative process behind a song is a rare thing these days.

As listeners, as an audience, we’re usually delivered a deluge of samples and backtracks, making it harder and harder to decipher what is being played by a human and was is being triggered by the push of a button. But Evan Klar sheds a little light in his most recent video for single “Sleep.” The live video lets us peek in on the crew that makes his cinematic pop come to life as string players, percussionists and more gather to make the magic happen. The song itself is haunting, pulsing — a baroque dance tune guided by Klar’s sultry baritone. As to its meaning, Klar says:

“’Sleep’ is the opening track to my album. It was my way of building a front cover to a story of naive imagination, escapism and the adventures of growing up. I like to think of it as a simple but dark nursery rhyme, that leads into an album of more complex and brighter scenes.

Evan Klar’s debut album Deepest Creatures is out on November 10 via Play Nice Records /EMI Australia. Watch the video for “Sleep” below and be sure to check out Klar’s exclusive Melbourne guide.

photo by: courtesy of the artist; Marketa/Flickr