PREMIERE: Echosmith adds Mat Kearny for new “Tell Her You Love Her” video

The multi-platinum trio recruits Mat Kearny and reworks an old favorite with a new video in tow.


What is left to say when you’ve already said the truth?  Echosmith wants to know.

The alt-pop trio’s latest redux of their 2013 track “Tell Her You Love Her” settles the track down into a calm, intimate place, putting the track’s advisory lyrics further on display. The new addition to the track, Mat Kearney, brings a needed smoothness and warmth to an ultimately successful release. 

Relationships take work, and “Tell Her You Love Her” represents this truth in unfiltered honesty. It’s almost as if Echosmith and Kearny are crafting a step-by-step guide on how to treat your partner, advice like “tell her she’s lovely, always tell her the truth” and “when she says she loves you, tell her you love her too” abundant across the lyrics. With Kearny and Sydney Sierota trading verses and teaming up to harmonize in the chorus, the track is given a new perspective, two voices offering instruction instead of just one. 

The accompanying video sets its sights on a similar goal, ditching theatrical production for delicateness. What could’ve been energetic and explosive is now deeply personal and conversational, stripped of any pretense to maintain the air of intimacy. People are placed center frame, looking into the camera, as if talking directly to the audience, heeding the importance of emotional transparency. The video itself seems intentionally isolated, as if to not distract you from what the track has to say. 

For established fans of Echosmith, this new version of a fan favorite, and its pairing visual, is sure to be a welcome addition. 

Check out the new video for “Tell Her You Love Her” ft. Mat Kearny below:




photo by: Gus Black