PREMIERE: Dog Trainer reflect on a long-distance love on “35 Days, 34 Nights”
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Having begun work on “35 Days, 34 Nights” right as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Dog Trainer transformed their latest single into a love letter straight from a collection of diary entries and solemn feelings.

“35 Days, 34 Nights” comes ahead of Dog Trainer’s latest record Scrolling to feel better… part one, in which the duo Nick Broman and Lucas del Calvo take an intimate look at the everyday realities and situations Millennials and Gen Z-ers face.

“35 Days, 34 Nights” was inspired by Broman’s partner, who was in Sweden while Broman was in NYC quarantining at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each lyric came from Broman’s diary entries that he kept while missing his partner during that time.

The song itself is bare, allowing the emotions to come to the front of the track.

“It’s an ultra personal, sometimes mundane, sometimes dramatic look at separation, which I think is definitely something a lot of people can relate to during this pandemic,” Broman said.

Mostly-rhyming lyrics bring the listener into the feeling of missing someone—simple and yearning while deep and overwhelming. The simplicity and bareness within the track reflects the complicated.

Perfectly capturing the intensity of early-pandemic emotion nearly a year later, “35 Days, 34 Nights” is raw, honest songwriting that will be on repeat until COVID is gone.

Dog Trainer’s Scrolling to feel better… part one is out March 26.

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photo by: Elvira Broman